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Monday, April 14, 2008

Treat yourself with a cup of Bi Luo Chun from Bi Luo Peak

If you are a Bi Luo Chun lover, you know that real Bi Luo Chun is from Dong Ting, Jiang Su. If you are a devoted Bi Luo Chun lover, you perhaps are obsess with the never ending search of Dong Shan (East Mountain) Bi Luo Chun. Located at peak of Dong Shan, Bi Luo Peak is the origin of Bi Luo Chun tea, and still grows the best Bi Luo Chun today.

Although not everybody can travel to Bi Luo Peak, you sure can enjoy a cup of premium Bi Luo Chun we brought to you from East Mountain wherever you are, and put your imagination to work looking at this picture from Bi Luo Peak.

We offers two Bi Luo Chun from Dong Shan this year. The pre-Ming Bi Luo Chun is absolutely a gem. Those tightly twisted young, gentle tea buds are a joy to watch. According to our producer, we are the only one that offer this grade of Bi Luo Chun to oversea market. We decided to carry the pre-Yu Bi Luo Chun after tasting it. It was harvested right after Qing Ming, and has a quality that matches last year's pre-Ming production. It is a great tea to enjoy everyday without pinching your wallet.

For more info on Bi Luo Chun, check out our Bi Luo Chun Talk. We also offer Bi Luo Chun tasting set for you to compare different grades of Bi Luo Chun.


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Sunday, April 06, 2008

2008 Pre-Ming West Lake Long Jing expected to arrive next week

After some long wait, our 2008 Pre-Ming West Lake Long Jing finally is arriving. As expected, quality of this year's production is better. After some careful tasting, we picked the premium batch harvested in the early harvest period of March 27 to 30, 2008. This years' cold weather delayed West Lake Long Jing harvest by more than 10 days, which in turn shorted the harvest period of this year's pre-Ming Long Jing, which ended on April 5.

We are very pleased with this batch. All tender leaves from first flush, very refreshing, purified taste. Another great West Lake Long Jing from renowned Tea Research Institute of Zhangzhou!

We have both
Long Jing #43 and Long Jing Varietal for your to choose from at our online store .


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