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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Special Yunnan Green Tea – Buddhist’s Favorite

Speaking of teas from Yunnan, people perhaps are quite familiar with the famous Yunnan Black. Then there is the new hit, Pu-erh. To many of our oversea customers’ surprise, many Yunnan green teas are strikingly good while barely known to them. Among those wonderful Yunnan green teas is Buddhist’s Favorite, one of our best selling Yunnan green teas.

Buddhist’s Favorite is made of 100% hand picked leaves from small and large leaf hybrid tea trees. As a result of this, its taste is neither strong (large leaf tea) nor light (small leaf tea). It is the perfect refreshing chestnut flavor with sweet aftertaste. This tea is rich in amino acid (13.36%), especially those that can not be produced by human body (3.7%). This year’s Buddhist’s Favorite is available in three grades: Grade A, B, and D. Grade A is made of tea buds, and has great leaf presentation. More info about this tea is available on our site at

From Yunnan, China
Tea Lovers at JinYuXuan Tea House

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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Pu-erh is IN!

Pu-erh, the unique tea from Yunnan, China is picking up momentums in oversea tea market. It was listed under the same category as black tea by many oversea tea vendors few years ago. More and more oversea tea vendors are now listing it as a distinctive category by itself. More and more foreigners come to Yunnan in searching for answers to this mystery tea.

Researchers around the world have been interested in the health benefits of Pu-erh. Various researches conducted in countries like Japan and France shows that Pu-erh has the effects of lowering cholesterol, lowering blood fat, lowering blood pressure, lowering weight, etc. Pu-erh has been called “Beauty Tea”, “Slim Tea”, and “Longevity Tea” in countries like Japan, Korea, Germany, Italy, and France.

Comparing to other teas, Pu-erh has more complicated tastes. This may largely due to the fact that Pu-erh has live. Just like human being, the taste of a Pu-erh develops slowly with its aging. And any change in its storage environment can change the path of the development.

Pu-erh is one of the 10 famous teas in China. High quality Pu-erh demands a premium price in China, and barely makes its way to oversea market. Low quality Pu-erh that makes to oversea massive tea market painted a damaging image of Pu-erh. Most of those low quality Pu-erh have poor tastes, or simply undrinkable. Luckily, with the increasing globalization, many oversea tea drinkers start to have access to higher quality Pu-erh, and start to realize the wonderfulness of Pu-erh.

With the help of internet, we are now able to share our knowledge with Pu-erh lovers around the world, and to offer exceptional quality Pu-erh to everybody that wants a true taste of this Yunnan treasure. We have translated many of our articles on Pu-erh into English and posted on our site at

From Yunnan, China
Tea Lovers at JinYuXuan Tea House

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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Ancient Tea Tree Teas are HOT!

Although people in Yunnan have been drinking teas made of leaves of ancient tea trees for generations, it is not until recently that people from outside Yunnan become aware of this type of tea. Ancient tea trees are growing in remote tea mountains in Xi Shuang Ban Na, a beautiful autonomy state that is 450 km away from Kunming, the capital of Yunnan. Interests in ancient tea trees are growing rapidly globally.

Surrounded by wild orchids, leaves of ancient tea trees have developed long lasting orchid aroma. Have been growing in tea mountains for over thousand years, ancient tea trees have accumulated high concentration of minerals and nutrition. Their leaves have sharp (shaper than cultivated trees) sawtooth edge, thick blades and clear veins
. Teas made of leaves of ancient tea trees have strong flavor and can last up to 20 infusions.

Our line of real ancient tea tree teas ranges from green, black to Pu-erh. Check them out at

Tea Lovers at JinYuXuan Tea House
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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Tea Hub Blog is live now!

Welcome to our blog! We hope that this blog can be a place for tea drinkers to share passions for tea.

Tea Lovers at JinYuXuan Tea House
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