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Saturday, May 07, 2005

JinYuXuan 2005 Spring Teas

Most of our 2005 Spring teas arrived by late April. Our 2005 Golden Da Mo has two sizes: standard 500g and smaller version of 100g. We added white and yellow teas to our offers this year. Also, we now have our own house name green tea - JinYuXuan Tribute Tea, a high grade flat green tea (like Long Jing). We only have very limited quantities available on this new tea.

Due to this year’s severe weather, productions of high quality teas have been very low. We were told that even producers themselves would run out of stock on top grade Chinese famous teas by the end of May. Our local customers snapped up those high quality teas fast. We managed to get few kilos of this year’s top grade Xi Hu Long Jing, but they have all been accounted for. For those that love our last year’s top grade Bi Lo Chun, the clock is tickling. We ran out of top grade Dong Shan (East Mountain) Bi Lo Chun in less than one month last year, and this year’s supply won’t last for long either.

Our Song Dynasty Tree Feng Huang Dan Cong will be available later this month. As always, we ordered the first batch. Can’t wait to taste this wonderful tea!

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