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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Hello Li Jiang

Alex and I went to Li Jiang early this year to enjoy a few days’ escape from busy city life. Although has been to Li Jiang many times, Alex was quite excited to pay a visit to that lovely retreat town again. His extensive knowledge about Li Jiang proved to be handy during our trip.

The night before the trip, Ms. Dong kindly offered us some expensive Song Zhong (Feng Huang) Dan Cong. Ms. Peng, one of our house tea masters, prepared two bottles of Song Zhong Dan Dong drink for us. Ms. Peng is an expert in brewing Feng Huang Dan Cong. To prepare the drink, she first poured little water out of two bottles of mineral water. She then carefully added a few Song Zhong Dan Cong leaves into the bottles. “It should be ready for drink next morning.” Ms. Peng told us. The cold brewed tea was quite tasty, and gave us a lot of pleasure during the trip.

To be continued…


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