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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ms. Dong Judging Vintage Pu-erh at Yunnan Classic Pu-erh Appreciation Event

I finally got a chance to sort through pictures from Yunnan Classic Pu-erh Appreciation Event. This event was held by Government of Si Mao City and Pu-erh Magazine. 48 antique Pu-erh were displayed during the event. It is really an eye-opening event for Pu-erh lovers.

Ms. Dong, along with other Pu-erh experts from mainland, HK, and Taiwan, was invited to judge the authenticity of 18 Pu-erh ranged from antique Pu-erh, such as Tong Qing, Jing Chang, to Label Pu-erh, such as Red Label, Blue Label, to modern Pu-erh, such 88 Green Cake, 96 Purple Da Yi. Each Pu-erh was endorsed by experts after passing the judgments and then notarized.


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