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Sunday, August 06, 2006

2001 Young Green Ancient Tea Tree Small Pu-erh Brick

I did not pay too much attention to its taste when I started to drink the 2001 Young Green Ancient Tea Tree Small Pu-erh Brick last week. I wanted to get my flat tummy back and turned to this ancient tea tree Pu-erh to rescue. I noticed the “flatting” effect of our ancient tea tree Pu-erh on my tummy several years ago. It did not take long for me to experience the improvement again this time.

I was gulping down at least 1L of this tea everyday without paying too much attention to its nice taste lingering in my mouth. It has been aged for 5 years, and many of its bitterness have given its way to mellowness. Therefore, drinking 1L of this tea everyday has been quite an enjoyment.

Yesterday, without the sense of weight loss urgency, I was in a mood to enjoy and appreciate this Pu-erh. I first carefully peeled off some whole leaves off the brick – the brick has loosened up after aging. The dry leaves have light pleasant floral smell. After quickly washing the leaves, I smelled the wet leaves – fresh, floral, with a hint of plum, nice! I took a small sip of the tea - smooth, although still had traces of bitterness, it is not harsh at all. I happily sipped down the tea. A sweet aftertaste raised in my mouth along with a long lingering aroma of plum. I enjoyed this Pu-erh for hours yesterday. What an experience!


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