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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Zen Master MingHai Visited Our Wild Old Tea Tree Plantation

Zen Master MingHai, abbot of Bailin Temple, visited our wild old tea tree plantation in MengSong on Nov. 20. This 4000 mu wild old tea tree plantation was added to our portfolio of wild tea tree plantations just recently. Tea trees have been wildly growing there for hundreds of years under a naturally developed eco-system. Neither fertilizers nor pesticides are needed there. The plantation is located in high elevation area with plenty of fogs, which is ideal for tea trees to grow.

Master MingHai also visited our tea factory there. Master MingHai later noted “这里的制作程序很注重卫生和环保。进工作间要换鞋,工人穿制服,蒸了干叶用石头压饼时,脚上套专用的靴套。(The manufacture process is very clean and environmental friendly. People need to change shoes before entering the working area. Workers all wear uniforms. Special boot covers are used when compressing steamed dry leaves using stone molds.)”.

Master MingHai, Master MingYi and our tea master Di Liu made few Pu-erh cakes using dried tea leaves on that day.

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