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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tea Tasting with Friends – Part I

Thanks to Peggy and Mike, I hosted a tea tasting session with a group of friends and friends’ friends yesterday. Twelve people showed up and two and half hour flew by without us even noticing. Everybody was having a good time.

People attending the tasting session have a wide range of experience with tea. Some are new to the tea world, and some have already developed their own preference. However, regardless of their experience, everyone came with an open mind, and left with more knowledge and nice lingering tea taste in their mouths.

I prepared the tasting session in the order of tea strengthens so that stronger teas such as Oolong and black teas would not overpower green teas. This also allowed people to assess their tea preferences in the full range of tea scales. We started with two types of green teas, then progressed into Oolong and black tea, and finished up with a wonderful brew of 20 year old Loose Old Tea Tree Pu-erh.

To be continued…


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