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Friday, July 29, 2005

An Interesting Blog

I came across this blog while surfing the net. It caught my attention because that it mentioned our Zhen Qing Guan branch. If you can read in Chinese, I am sure it can provide you a glimpse about our tea house. Personally, Zhen Qing Guan is my favorite place. The moment you walk into the tea house, you will feel that you enter into a peaceful and harmonious world. Come on in, get loose, have some tea, and enjoy!

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Friday, July 22, 2005

JinYuXuan Teas Are Available in HK

Our HK customers are now able to shop locally for our teas. The Best Tea House Co. Ltd. (茶艺乐园) ,a famous tea house in HK is now carrying our products. Among them are our popular young green ancient tea tree Pu-erh bing cha – Golden Da Mo (金达摩普洱茶). Please look for our name - JinYuXuan (今雨轩) when shopping for our teas.

Tea Lovers at JinYuXuan Tea House
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