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Sunday, November 28, 2004

JinYuXuan is proud to be recognized for green food commitment

JinYuXuan is proud to be selected by Yunnan provincial government to join other 38 companies to participate a 3 day Yunnan Green Food and Flower Exhibition in HK Dec. 2-4, 2004.

JinYuXuan has a long history of commitment to green food development. We carry certified organic teas, such as Purple Lady. Our ancient tea tree tea series have long been recognized for superior quality by National Supervising and Testing Center of Tea Quality. Our limited production of 2002 Pu-erh International Forum Souvenir Pu-erh carries quality approval from Ms. Shaojun Luo, head of National Supervising and Testing Center of Tea Quality. Our 2003 ancient tea tree young green Pu-erh passed the strict Japanese food quality requirement and was exported to Japan even during the SARS period. This year’s Golden Da Mo has been selected by governments of Yunnan Province and Kunming City as their designated gift tea.

Tea Lovers at JinYuXuan Tea House
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